The Warren Wilson Blacksmith Craft Crew is an educational, community focused training program in Blacksmithing Craft. Students work 15 hours a week engaged in experiential learning grounded in the materials, tools, discourses, equipment and techniques of the blacksmith’s craft. Students develop practical skills in metalwork and forging methods while contributing to the production of Artisan Made Wares for the Home & Field, marketed under WWC Crafts, which raise awareness of and help sustain Crafts education @ WWC.

In our collaborative workshop, faculty and students work together to hone, improvise and redefine ancient technologies with new technologies; bending and blending concepts and materials that simulate real world production and business systems including: prototyping, research & design, marketing & outreach, utilizing effective manufacturing principles, new media practices and standards of quality and safety.

Crew members also create and repair tools used by the blacksmith and other campus crews, process work orders and perform tasks related to general studio maintenance and management. The crew regularly hosts open forge events and perform on and off site demonstrations that extend the opportunity to learn about and experience the craft of blacksmithing to the Warren Wilson community and beyond.